Inside my Sober Mind

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If you missed me last night live at Spun Dj Studios - here is my live set
Catch me spinning online for #spunstudios on
Some say it’s time for me to be in a relationship, this is just my view of it if I did. #truthfultuesday
This is what happens when you piss me off. I’m usually chill and low key - but reach me on my personal number and I will wreck havoc… Do not piss off a woman on the full moon. #sorrynotsorry
It was cold going to bed, I knew there was a purpose for this hat! BOOYAH! Keeps my head warm. #raver
Now THAT is what I call skill #classicalpianist
Always been a favorite #bach #composer #xmpops #morningtrafficmusic
One of my best friends kid is MISSING! Help me find this kid, his name is “Jahron Rico Saetern.” And is a South Bay native, looks like the darker version of Bruce Lee and is 17 … Barely old enough to eat, sleep, rave, repeat … I just wanna make sure he’s full, sleeping somewhere warm, around good music and doing okay! Jahron, if you’re reading this I’m gonna keep posting embarrassing pictures of you until you contact me or your parents. Auntie Reflecta loves you budd! WHERE THE F___ ARE YOU BRAH?